Lesson 2: Define Phase

Lesson 2: Define Phase
2.1 Essential Question:
Put in writing the question that will engage the students 
Food insecurity is a great challenge not only in India but across the world are you aware of this fact ?
Inspite this there is a lot of food waste in social gatherings and community get togethrs Are you aware of this

2.2 Grouping Strategy:
Describe the criteria that will be used to form students’ team and how this maps to the goals of the project.
This project is aimed to create awareness about wasting of food in social gatherings. The class is devided into groups according to their place of residence so as to carry out the survey Total of six teams are formed with seven members each
2.3 Learning Environment:
Describe the learning environment for the project including any classroom adaptation that will be required.
The team memers will meet every day ,have a brief discussion on their previous days work exchange note and plan for the next day
2.4 Assessment Approach:
 Describe the approach for:
 2.4.A Authentic Assessment:
Authentic do- able tasks that will be carried out by the team will include-
1. They will check each others lunch box so as to practice the principle of zero waste before the preach .
2. “They will speak  in the class regarding the good practices followed at home .
3. Questionnaire to be filled by a sample population in the locality regarding wasting of food items in social gatherings
4. Slogans posters and visuals will be prepared by the students to display in community centers.

2.4B Formative Assessment:
Regular feedback and guidance as and when required will be provide to the students as they work with the various tools of the project –

2.4C Summative Assessment:
Assessment will be conducted based on –
# Administration of questionnaire.
# Prepartion of report about the survey .
# Presentation of data

2.4D Rubrics:
Rubrics ( Punctuality, accuracy, presentation)
2.4E Gradings:

Project grades will include the grades of assessment conducted during the project and the final project report.

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