Lesson 1: Project Plan

Lesson 1: Project Plan

Class IX Food Security in India 
1.Project Plan
(1.1)The Define Phase

  • Write a statement describing the overall purpose of the project.
  • What is the key challenge or problem the project is aiming to address?
  • What are students intended to learn from the project?
The project is designed keeping in mind a topic relevant to the age group that class IX is comprised of. The following are the topics planned to be dealt with-
1. Meaning of food security .
2. Why food security
3. Who are food insecure .
4. Wasting of food in get togthers and community eating
Based on the information given in the text and with their previous knowledge the student will engage themselves in a groupdiscussion

 (1.12)Project Scope:
Describe the scope of your project. This may include class and section, subjects it covers, self shills to be used etc. as well as other factors affecting scope.
Students of class IX  will form the project team.
Subjects involved: Science, English, Mathematics.
Student activities  will  be monitored and guided so that the work progresses in the right direction.

(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:
List the curriculum and standards this project with cover.
Class IX  curriculum topics related to this topic-
# Poverty as a challenge
# Causes for poverty.
# Measures taken by the govt to remove poverty.

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