1. Project Plan
(1.1)The Define Phase
(1.11) Introduction:
The overall purpose of the project.
The student will be able to:
  • Define data  and able to understand how to handle data and organise
  • Identify the different types of graphs
  •  Describe the procedure for constructing graphs and its applications
Key challenges and aims of this project

o   To choose which type of graph is most suitable

Learning Outcomes

·         Develop problem-solving skills.
·         Develop drawing  skills.
·         Application of graphs in daily life
·         Workout the curriculum based problems and textual questions on their own.

(1.12) Project Scope:

Students from class  : VI A

Subjects involved : Maths

Students  activities  will be monitored and managed to avoid students going off track and out of scope.

(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:

Curriculum :  The NCERT syllabus prescribed by CBSE for class VI

     Topics and standards

v Data Handling
-         Data recording ---Table , Tally marks, Pictograph etc.
-         Constructing Graphs:- bar graph, double bar graph
       -  Interpreting the data after comparing the graph


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