Science Class VIII A : Project Plan

(1.1)The Define Phase
(1.11) Introduction:
Write a statement describing the overall purpose of the project.
What is the key challenge or problem the project is aiming to address?
What are students intended to learn from the project?

To create awareness in students that water is a precious resource which is to be protected from pollution.
Water that we use is being polluted at different levels. The project aims at finding the sources and effects of water pollution in the locality.
In the project, students are expected to work as team to find solution for water pollution in the local areas.

(1.12) Project Scope:
Describe the scope of your project. This may include class and section, subjects it covers, self shills to be used etc. as well as other factors affecting scope.
The project is done by 50 students of class VIII A of KV Kanjikode. The topic is Water Pollution in subject Science.
The project aims at finding the ways by which water in the locality is being polluted, testing the extend of pollution by scientific methods and finding ways by which effect of pollution can be mitigated.

(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:
List the curriculum and standards this project with cover.
The topic is covered in the curriculum of class VIII Science in the chapter Pollution of Air and Water.

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