Science Class VIII A : Lesson 2

2.1 Essential Question:
Put in writing the question that will engage the students
What are the sources of water available to you at home and school?
Is the water you use potable or fit for drinking?
If not, how it gets contaminated?
If the available water is polluted how can it be made fit for drinking and other purposes?
How can you reduce the wastage of water at home and school?

2.2 Grouping Strategy:
Describe the criteria that will be used to form students team and how this maps to the goals of the project.
There are five groups of mixed abilities and gender. High achievers and late bloomers are included in a group. This ensures that each child gets a chance to participate in the activities.

2.3 Learning Environment:
Describe the learning environment for the project including any classroom adaptation that will be required.
General instructions are given by teacher in the class. This is followed by group discussion. After discussion, the group leader presents the outcome infront of the entire class.A separate area is allotted in class cupboard for keeping the project articles of each group. Computer labs can be used for online work. Group leaders are requested to type their work in respective computers time to time.

2.4 Assessment Approach:
Describe the approach for:
2.41 Authentic Assessment:
Authentic tasks such as
1. Tabulation of sources of water.
2. Testing water samples for purity.
3. Collecting information about the ways by which water bodies in the locality are being polluted.

2.42 Formative Assessment:

Regular feedback will be provided as the students work on internet and library research, submission of reports, water sampling and presentation designs.

2.43 Summative Assessment:
Assessment will be conducted on
Report submitted by respective teams.
PPT / Presentation by teams.

2.44 Rubrics:
Rubrics will be used to assess:

Survey of water pollution sources
Accuracy of report
Final presentations
Methodology of water sampling

2.45 Gradings:
Project grades will be based on a combination of scores from assessments made during the project. A rubric will be used to compile grades.
Project grade is taken for FA2 assessment.

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