Interview with a Fire Victim


GROUP MEMBERS: Ardra, Krishna Priya, Vincy, Rithika, Aswin 

The following are the excerpts of the interview with Raveena, a student of Class XI C, who was a victim of a fire accident.

1)   Have you ever got burned?

2)   Which part of your body got burned?
My hand got burned.

3)   How did you get burned?
It was an accident that happened. I got burned from the lamp that I was lighting. I was lighting the lamp in the evening and accidentally the fire caught on my shawl (dupatta). I tried to remove it, but by that time it got stuck to my hand and my hand got burned.

4)   What did you feel when your hand got burned?
It was like water boiling on my hand.  It was really painful.

5)   Which hospital did you go to for treatment?
I did not go to any hospital. I approached 
Dr. Shivashankar , who has a clinic near my house. After consulting him, I did not see any improvement, so I went for Ayurvedic Treatment.

6)   What was the treatment suggested?
There was no special treatment given. The burns were observed and an ointment for external application was given.

7)   How did you feel after the treatment?
The ointment was very effective. I was fine in almost 3-4 days.

8)   Was it a serious injury?
Yes, for me it was, because half of my hand was burned and I was not even able to write. When my hand hit somewhere accidentally blood used to ooze out and it really hurt.

Thanks a lot for having spared your time to speak to us.

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