PBL-Project Plan – Lesson 7

The Manage Phase
(7.1) Process Management:

                List tasks that will be used to manage the process of conducting the learning
Arranging the class room and Junior science lab for the project. Monitoring the preparation for project presentation. Discussion the survey, data collection and questionnaire.

(7.2) Student Preparation:
                Describe how students will be prepared for the project prior to launch. List any specific instruction or tasks that will be needed

The basic idea of the topic will be discussed in the class prior to launch of the project.
The children were asked  to conduct interview with forest officer about forest life and their importance

(7.3)  Facilitation:
                Describe how facilitation of resources will be used to enable the students to be successful.
Library resources, Internet facilities to be best utilized for the project.

(7.4) Progress Monitoring:
Describe how program will be monitored throughout the project.
Teacher and student interaction whenever required.
Conducting meeting with all their prepared reports, survey and the presentation of them in the class . Grading the groups accordingly.

Group Progress

Testing the individual contribution made by the students towards the project. Knowing their role and knowledge of the project. Having a talk with them personally.

         Individual Progress

(7.5) Re-Planning:
                Describe how‘re-planning’ will be used if the project goes off track
M   Make sure that the project is brief and short.
        Report maintenance to be checked on day today activities and to find where they went off the track. As student autonomy has to be provided to enable them to achieve their behavioural changes, there is a risk of the project going off track and hence additional time allowance will be kept in the design of the project for handling overrun within the stipulated deadlines of the overall project.

(7.6) Conflict Management:
                Describe how to address problems related to participation, offer approaches to manage other conflicts that may arise.

Monitoring the preparation for project presentation.
Selection of an efficient leader who can manage with all the issues created will be greatly necessary
Students who never contribute towards the project are to be warned in the initial stage itself.

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