PBL -Project Plan – Lesson 5

The Do Phase
(5.1) Project Launch:
                Describe how the project will be launched, including how goals, expectation, rules, procedures, assessment, and grading will be presented to the students.
The project will be launched with an introduction to the topic in the syllabus for term 1. Students will be grouped into project teams and the project plan and schedule informed along with the work breakup within each team. On completion of each stage of the project, there will be brief meetings with the members of each team separately to track their progress and to advise them of the further plan of action.

(5.2) Artifacts:
                List artifacts that will be created during the project
Compilation of research material
Survey report and questionnaire
Project report
Any other material prepared by the team during the project
(5.3) Culminating product:
                Describe what culminating product or products are expected to be created during the project and how they will be presented.
The teams will each maintain a resource book of their research material, the survey and questionnaire they prepare as well as charts made, model making during the course of the project . The final project report will also be presented for assessment.
(5.4) Celebrating completion:
                Describe how the students will celebrate when the project is completed.
The students will be awarded a certificate graded by the teacher on completion of the project.

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