The interaction we had with Sri. Madhu and Sri. Nishad from the Fire Safety Squad, Kanjikode on 23rd November was very interesting. They explained to us what exactly fire was.  Fire is useful, but sometimes dangerous; Oxygen, heat and combustible materials are the three major components for making fire. They made us aware that if a fire takes place somewhere, the first thing we have to do is to identify the type of fire (A,B,C,D or E).  The next moment, we have to inform about the same to the Fire Force and nearby people. Then respond to the fire by blocking fire by removing the materials which have caused fire.  They also talked about the different classifications of fire.

            In case of any accident or disaster, we have to call the Fire & Rescue Force immediately.  While informing, we have to provide them with information such as our Name, Place, which class of fire etc.  Many students asked questions regarding different types of fire disasters and the safety measures to be adopted while dealing with fire. 
It was surprising to know from them that LPG has no colour or smell.  The smell is due to the presence of a chemical known as Mercaptan. They also informed us that in the case of gas leakages, we should never put on or put off the switches, to avoid spark, and ventilators should be opened immediately, as much as possible.  Pour water to reduce fire in Gas.  Mr.  Madhu explained that they are provided with jackets and caps which protect them from fire for a minute or two.  In the case of oil fire, we should not pour water, but move the combustible material from the fire flame.

 The time we spent with them was highly informative and we came across many new facts, which will really be useful to lead a safe life.  We are extremely thankful to the administration of the FIRE Station, Kanjikode for having sent their representative to enrich our knowledge about the topic of our Project. On behalf of the whole class, I would like to thank our respected Principal Madam for having given permission to arrange an Interactive Session in the Vidyalaya. My gratitude goes to Mujib Rahiman Sir who took a video and a few photographs of the Session. All this would not have been possible, if we had not put our heart and soul into the Project which has gained momentum, ever since its inception. Dear friends, let us give a pat on our own backs. My sincere gratitude is extended to our English Teacher, Ms. Rugmini Menon.K., without whose guidance we would have missed such a golden opportunity. 

                                                                  VII - C

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