Poorna Sakyam - Part 2 class topics_

List the Class where the topics  will cover

class VI  Addition and subtraction of Integers
Class VII Multiplication and Division of Integers 
class VIII,class IX, Class X  Solving  Algebraic Expressions, solving Equations etc

The class was divided into seven groups and each group was given a topic to work on.  

  1. The group members were assigned duty to do  a small group of four to six diverse students is assigned a topic of study
  2. . Different students are assigned subparts of the work to be done.
  3.  Completion of assigned tasks requires each student's work to be combined with that of other students to produce a group effort.
  4.  Students may be assigned to play different roles in the group process.
  5.  Task completion is contingent on cooperation. 
  6. The group's collective product is evaluated. Each student's performance is judged based on this evaluation and, in addition, may include an individual score for the subtask completed by the student. 
  7. Group membership changes for different assignments. Generally, there is no inter-group competition.

Project Based Learning
Lesson 2
2.1 Essential Question:

What is the role of Negative Integers in our daily life?
 How to perform the addition and subtraction of Integers?
How positive and negative numbers affect the world?

2.2 Grouping Strategy:
Describe the criteria that will be used to form students team and how this maps to the goals of th
e project.  Learning Environment:
            Describe the learning environment for the project including any classroom adaptation that will be required.

  • Recorded the lesson as VIDEO
  • Group projects
  • Lab activity
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Game
  • Clue boards for performing Addition and subtraction
  • Quiz
  • Reference books

2.4           Assessment Approach:
                Describe the approach for:

                2.41 Authentic Assessment:
  • Assess the students on the basis of CONSTRUCTIVISM.Construct knowledge through Activity.
  • Assess the students through group discussion
  • Assessment for analysing the problem and give importance to problem solving ability
  • Assessment for survey and data collection through other sources like internet, media etc

2.42 Formative Assessment:
  • Evaluate each group through online test
  • Test in computation,word sums, construction of the number
  • Quiz,Assignments and mental ability test
2.43 Summative Assessment:

  • Assess the midterm exam, OTBA, Assess the oral test, Conducting MCQ in a controlled condition,Assessing the value based problems,Assessment in final group project and participation in seminars and exhibition 

2.44 Rubrics:

  • Judgement about the quality of students  own work.Feedback about the progress of the work to develop understanding ability.Assess the team worked together to achieve objects and each member contributed in a valuable way to the project.Check whether sufficient information was obtained.also check all the students participated in PBLand performance grading under Research and design, communication and team work, 

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