Project Plan – Lesson 7: The Manage Phase

The Manage Phase

(7.1) Process Management:
                List tasks that will be used to manage the process of conducting the learning

Separate sessions with the teams for work- allotment, instructions regarding online and library research, and for discussion of the work plan.
Discussions while preparing the interview/ survey- questions, interpreting and analysing the data from the survey and interview
Monitoring the preparation for project presentation.

(7.2) Student Preparation:
                Describe how students will be prepared for the project prior to launch. List any specific instruction or tasks that will be needed

A basic idea of the curriculum topic will be given in the class prior to launch of the project.   A recap session by discussion on the topic of natural resources ( Class IX) to be held in class by the students.
Discussions regarding the plan of action/ work plan.

(7.3)  Facilitation:
                Describe how facilitation of resources will be used to enable the students to be successful.

Library and Computer with internet facilities will be made available to the students once the project starts.

(7.4) Progress Monitoring:
                Describe how program will be monitored throughout the project.

Group Progress    

The research material, Survey and interview questions, and all other material collected by the teams will be monitored to ensure the project proceeds in the correct direction

  Individual Progress

Brief sessions with individuals to find out if they are playing their role in the project, as expected and defined at the very start.


(7.5) Re-planning:
                Describe how “re-planning” will be used if the project goes off track

Replanning may involve re-assignment of duties in the group, changes/modifications as needed in the day wise planning, alterations in the survey and questionnaire. The briefing sessions with the teams will be made use of to monitor the progress of the project. Dates of the survey/ interview to be adjusted based on the permission granted for the same at the department/ authorities concerned.

(7.6) Conflict Management:
                Describe how to address problems related to participation, offer approaches to manage other conflicts that may arise.

Every child has to be allotted duties/ responsibilities according to his/ her abilities.  For problems related to participation, there can be a slight re-assigning of duties in the group such that every child gets to play his part in the successful completion of the project.

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