Project Plan- Lesson 2

PBL Lesson 2

2.1 Essential Question:
            Put in writing the question that will engage the students

Without proper management, how long will our natural resources last? What should we do?

2.2 Grouping Strategy:
            Describe the criteria that will be used to form students’ team and how this maps to the goals of the project.

A team will have 9 students of mixed gender, ability and skill sets, as well as varied religious, social and economic backgrounds. The team members will get ample opportunity for interaction with peer group as also to develop their self-confidence and ability of public speaking by giving them a chance to present their project findings in front of their class.  Students will make use of various methods like survey and interview to collect findings related to the topic allotted.

2.3 Learning Environment:
            Describe the learning environment for the project including any classroom adaptation that will be required.

The team will be provided with access to computer and internet in the lab for their online research. The research notes will be converted to documents that the team will maintain in the computer in the lab. The survey/ interview reports prepared by the teams will also form a part of their project report.

2.4 Assessment Approach:
                Describe the approach for:

                2.41 Authentic Assessment:
Authentic do- able tasks that will be carried out by the team will include-
1.      Maintaining a record of the information collected from various sources including the internet and school library.
2.      Recording the survey and interviews if conducted as well as summarizing the same and presenting as a report.
3.      Analysis of the data collected from various sources.
4.      Preparation of the project report and charts required for project presentation.

2.42 Formative Assessment:
Regular feedback and guidance as and when required will be provided to the students as they work with the various tools of the project – online research, surveys, data analysis and presentations.

2.43 Summative Assessment:
Assessment will be conducted based on –
# Tools used for data collection.
# Report of the data analysed.
# Map- work as a part of the project report
# Power point presentation of the project along with a hand- written report

2.44 Rubrics:
Rubrics ( to assess the tools used effectively, survey interpretation, Power point presentation) will include accuracy of interpretation of survey data and other records, and, effectiveness of presentation. It will also include assessment of the involvement of all members of a group.

2.45 Gradings:
Project grades will include the grades of assessment conducted during the project and the final project report including the power point presentation.

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