Project Based Learning

Lesson 3

Plan Phase

3.1 Work Breakdown, Products and Milestones:
List the project task and, if possible at this stage include the sub-tasks. For each task add the product that will be created and indicate it will be a milestone.

The bright and dark aspects of Fire are discussed through instruction and classroom interaction.
PRODUCT: Ideas and suggestions from the students
MILESTONE: Finalization of the 9 topics  to be given to 9 different Groups

Nine students of good language proficiency were chosen. 9 Groups of 5 members each were formed by calling out numbers from 1-9.One representative from each Group took the lots for choosing the topic.
PRODUCT: Formation of nine groups with a topic to work on for each Group
MILESTONE: Allotment of work for the members within each Group.

Students are asked to collect data/information related to their topics from books/online/interaction with individuals.
PRODUCT: Collection of information/data based on the specific topic
MILESTONE: Soft and hard copies of the information collected

Conducting a Survey based on fire safety with the help of a pre- prepared questionnaire
PRODUCT: The responses from the people to whom the questionnaire was administered.
MILESTONE: Compilation of the result and writing a report on the findings.
Interviewing the victims ( 2 students ) of fire burns in the school by one of the Groups
PRODUCT: The answers to the questions asked.
MILESTONE: The fairing up of the interview in the form of a Write-up
Interviewing a doctor who treats burns by one of the Groups
PRODUCT: Responses given by the doctor during the course of conversation
MILESTONE: The Video Recording of the Interview
The day to day progress of the Project is discussed everyday and suggestions are given, wherever needed.

3.2 Role definition:
            List the roles team members will fulfill in the project.

Project leader: The Teacher
Researcher (s): All the students involved in the implementation of the Project
Survey Writer: All the students, as it is mandatory for each student to collect data from at least  5 people each.
Surveyor: One student from each Group will take up the role of the surveyor, who will analyse the complete data within his/her Group.
Presentation Author: It is the duty of the Presentation Author to finalize the findings of all the Groups and draft a Report based on the same.
Presenter(s): The final presentations will be done Group –wise, where each member will contribute his/her share in the oral presentation.  The

3.3 Task schedule:

            Note start and end dates for the project.
                Include expected dates to start specific tasks

Project start date - 01 November,  2016
Project end date -30th November ,2016
Research to be started – 05 November, 2016
Interview with a fire victim in the school: 07 November, 2016
Guest Speaker’s Speech and Interaction with the students: 23 November, 2016
Interview with the doctor who treats burns: 24 November, 2016
Beginning of the conduct the survey using the questionnaire :25 November,2016
Interview with a fire victim in the school: 25 November, 2016
Visit to the Fire Station, Kanjikode, for a demonstration: 29 November, 2016 (tentative)
Final compilation of the Project  30 November, 2016
Release of the Project: 1st Week of December

3.4Special Activities Plan:

                List any special activities (e.g. Field trips or guest speakers) including dates.

Interaction with Fire Officer, Shri. Madhu, Fire Station, Kanjikode.

1.      Fire Victim 1- Raveena, Class XI C
2.      Fire Victim 2- Akash B , IX C
3.      Dr. Sivamani, Skin Specialist, Athaani Hospital, Palakkad

3.5Resource Plan:
List resource that will be required during the project and any other date constraints associated with them.
-          LCD Room for the talks and presentations
-          School Library for referring to books
-          The computer Lab for collecting information about the topic
-          The photocopying machine to take copies of the questionnaire

3.6 Direct Instruction:
List any planned direct instruction sessions and link them to specific tasks if appropriate.

-          Discovery of fire
-          Components needed to start fire
-          Uses of fire as an enemy
-          Definition of Flash Point
-          Precautions to be taken, in case of a fire mishap

3.7 Reviews and checkpoints:
                Describe how you will incorporate review meetings and checkpoints in the project

-          Every day meetings of 5-10 minutes during class hours to ascertain the progress of the Project
-          Pre-determined meetings with specific groups, after school  hours, to modify /edit the presentation prepared by them

3.8 Assessment plan:
            Describe the balanced assessment plan for the project. List the products that will be assessed during the project. List rubrics that need to be created before project launch.

Opportunities for Authentic Assessment: Surveys , Interviews and Interactions

Formative Assessment:  Artifacts created by the students, in the form of write-ups, Interview Recordings (both oral and written), filed in questionnaires and compiled information about the specific topics in print.

Summative Assessment: The final report of the survey, the group presentations and also the reports on the interviews and the interactions.

Group Analysis and Final Presentation of the of the Survey Report:
Authenticity: 2 Marks , Content: 3 Marks, Presentation: 2 Marks, Accuracy: 2 Marks
Group Presentation of the Information Collected:
Content: 5 Marks, Presentation: 3 Marks , Accuracy: 2 Marks

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