Class7 science -FOREST : OUR LIFE LINE

Lesson 1: Project Plan
                                      Project in Science Class VII D
                                       Teacher: S.SANTHA ,TGT Science
                                         1.Project Plan –Term II
                    (1.1)The Define Phase
                                 FOREST : OUR LIFE LINE

§     Write a statement describing the overall purpose of the project.
§     What is the key challenge or problem the project is aiming to address?
§     What are students intended to learn from the project?

The project is designed keeping in mind a topic relevant to the age group that class VII D is comprised of. The following are the topics planned to be dealt with-
1. To allow each student to learn about the ‘
Significance of forests, Role of forest in preservation of water cycle, Role of forest in preserving the Environment Role of  Conservation of  forest, Maintenance of temperature and oxygen levels, Prevention of global warming, Prevention of dust storms and soil erosion, Forests and their products, Forests and tribal, Forests and food chains, Deforestation and Afforestation.
2.To  become  familiar with the importance of role of forest in balancing the nature  and effect of deforestation .
3. Students will use organization skills, internet research proficiency, and communication in oral and written forms to complete this project. Learn to  important issues in deforestation
The work will be allotted to a team that will collect information in these curriculum areas. They will be given a chance to present their work before their peer group as well, thereby helping them develop self- confidence.
To brings in enormous amount of information about forests, ill effects of deforestation etc. It also discusses about stake holders of the direst who are affected by the forest depletion. It kindles socio-economic aspects of forests and their growth.  

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